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What will your business "take home the gold" in?

What inspiration have you taken from Tokyo 2020?

Dedication, excellence and strength: there’s simply nothing more inspiring than the Olympics.

But aside from these qualities, this year’s Olympic games have particularly inspired some lesser-known, yet all-important lessons which we can all implement into our professional lives.

Simone Biles holding a gold medal at the olympics, (Photo by Jamie Squire. Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie Squire. Getty Images)

As the CEO of @Revamplify, we understand that passion - and how to convey it to have your fans show up for you - more than anyone else.

Perhaps above all else, it was the USA’s Simone Biles’ performance this year which really grabbed my attention.

Not only is she one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, but she shows how far the values of the sport have come over time - much like business. When Biles pulled out of the gymnastics women's team final at Tokyo 2020, saying that she “has to focus on her mental health" she showed the importance of mental health in success - and the strength of knowing one’s limitations. Falter is not failure: it’s the making of one of the greatest winners in history.

In fact, Simone Biles’ stand to protect her mental health arguably meant more than any medal could.

It’s also a further reminder that true greatness is a marathon, not a sprint - be it in the 100m, 10,000m race, or in working towards an ultimate long-term vision in business, rather than only on short-sighted quick gains.

Now, which strength will your business “take home the gold in”?

CEO, Revamplify

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