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Revamplify not only passionately assists companies in developing their brands and services, but we also help our clients grow their business - no matter where they're starting from.

Nick Mathews, Founder/CEO


Smack dab in the middle of 2020, Nick Mathews founded Revamplify. Fueled by an insatiable passion for assisting companies in developing their brands and products, Nick sought to leverage the drivers that play a role in maximizing business opportunities. From helping businesses to scale their business by powering their marketing campaigns or leveraging experience to help them enter new markets, Nick wanted to change the way businesses operate. 

Before kickstarting Revamplify, Nick spent week after week witnessing economical changes creating significant impacts on small businesses. Many of these companies offered something better and more unique than their competition yet faced massive challenges threatening their ability to exist.  Though unfortunately many businesses did not survive, others saw opportunity to adapt and fought harder than ever to engage with their audiences and create unique experiences while continuing to serve their customers in new ways.

It was passion that drove their business to offer unique experiences and boutique services. Their story was Nick’s story. It was the story of small-town America and how anyone can follow their dreams while helping their community and challenge themselves to offer something better, more unique.

Challenges today continue to force companies to evolve and rethink the way they do business and how to communicate their brand to their existing and new markets, all while standing out above the crowd.


Nick’s dilemma was to work with the evolution of this new approach to retail and other industries across the country. People around the globe, have grown accustomed to a specific way of doing business. Transactions through convenient mobile orders are crushing small businesses. From Amazon to other tech companies, to major Fortune 50 companies, they all have the resources needed to operate. Optimized platforms, improved sales processes, and hard-hitting marketing strategies give customers everything they want.

How can small businesses compete? 

Adaption & evolution. 

Creating an incredible digital experience is the number 1 way to develop new ways to push the envelope and engage consumers. 

So, Nick built Revamplify to stir things up and take small brands to big places. 

Utilizing cutting-edge techniques uniquely designed for the digital era, Revamplify is empowering small to mid-size businesses to scale their brand.


We’re on a mission to amplify the voice of the people and businesses that make the world a better place. Through targeted marketing practices, design, and media production, we assist our clients to exceed their goals.


We’re driven by solutions. Honesty and transparency enable us to provide an experience based on collaboration and clear communication for our clients. Leveraging these principles, we believe we provide greater accountability to achieve our goals and push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Revamplify is a top marketing agency that understands your marketing strategy and its execution shapes your goals as an organization. That’s why we strive to find the most engaging and valuable user experience across all projects. Our global expertise in developing strategy-driven marketing and media production services extends our clients brands and delivers on user and organizational objectives.

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We’re more than a top marketing agency or a media production team in Chicago. We are results-driven and truly care about your business. We’ve spent decades working with big players and major companies, and along the way perfected the execution of proven strategies.

Now we’re ready to put them to work for you. Start punching above your weight class. Bring your brand to the world.

Successfully achieve your goals. And do it all with an industry-leading marketing team on your side.


Let’s Make Some Noise Together!

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